Set in the outskirts of Manningtree in the 1600s, a solitary family must come to terms with an unlikely truth. As accusations of witchcraft loom over their heads, they are forced to make decisions they may not want to remember.

Semi Finalist at the Short+Sweet Film Festival Essex 2023

Cinemagic Young Filmmaker 2023 Official Selection


Brooke Thomas as Isabel

Elizabeth Avery as Elyzabeth

Charlie Staunton as Caleb

Writer and Director: Peter Collins

Producer: Daniel Evans

Cinematographer & Co-Producer: Alex David

Sound Recording and Design: Joel Williams

Sound Assistant: Archie Shiels

Editor: Daniel Cuddihy

VFX:  Peter Collins

Production Design: Ben Huw Tiley; with Jodie Aguis, Ariel Learner, Rose Harvey & Aaron Oliver James

Production Assistant: Jake Thompson